Office:  ZB202, Building Z, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

 Office phone: +30 210 538 1486

 Lab:  ZB105 - ZB209, Building Z, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

 Lab phone: +30 210-5381199, +30 210-5381524


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 Webpage: https://wavecomm.eee.uniwa.gr/

Discipline: Optical, acoustic and piezoelectric waveguides: mode analysis-circuit models and methods



1995 – PhD, in Electrical Engineering (National Technical University of Athens)

1984 – Dipl. in Electrical Engineering (National Technical University of Athens)


Research Topics

  • Propagation modes in nonlinear optical waveguides and fibers
  • Simulation of microcavity effects in OLED devices.
  • Outcoupling efficiency of organic photovoltaic devices OPVs.
  • Microwave pulse compression systems
  • Analysis and applications of fiber Bragg gratings.


Selected publications in journals

  • N.A.Stathopoulos, S.P.Savaidis, H.Simos, E.Rigas, R.G.Correia, S.W.James, R.P.Tatam “A transmission line method for the simulation of Fiber Bragg Gratings”, Applied Optics, Vol. 58, Issue 2, 353-360, (2019)
  • N.Moshonas, N.A.Stathopoulos, B.T.O’Connor, A.C.Bedeloglu, S.P. Savaidis, S.Vasiliadis “Optical modeling of fiber organic photovoltaic structures, using a transmission line method”   Applied Optics,   Vol. 56, No 34, 9351-9358, (2017)
  • N.A.Stathopoulos, S.P.Savaidis, A.Botsialas, Z.C.Ioannidis, D.G.Georgiadou, M. Vasilopoulou, G. Pagiatakis “Reflection and transmission calculations in a multilayer structure with coherent, incoherent, and partially coherent interference, using the transmission line method” Applied Optics, Vol. 54, No 6, 1492-1504, (2015)
  • N.A.Stathopoulos, S.P.Savaidis, H.Simos, M.Rangoussi, P.Kervalishvili “Simulation and properties of Erbium-doped Distributed Bragg Reflectors (ED-DBR) and Fiber Bragg Gratings (ED-FBG)” Optical Fiber Technology, Vol. 19, Issue 5, 369-377, (2013)
  • S.P.Savaidis, Z.C.Ioannidis, N.A.Stathopoulos “Hybrid Field/Transmission-Line Model for the study of coaxial corrugated waveguides” IEEE-MTT, Vol. 60, No 10 (2012)
  • N.A.Stathopoulos, L.C.Palilis, S.R.Yesayan, S.P.Savaidis, M.Vasilopoulou, and P.Argitis, “A transmission line model for the optical simulation of multilayer structures and its application for oblique illumination of an organic solar cell with anisotropic extinction coefficient” J. Appl. Phys. 110, 114506 (2011)
  • N.A.Stathopoulos, L.C.Palilis, S.P.Savaidis, S.R.Yesayan, M.Vasilopoulou, G.Papadimitropoulos, D.Davazoglou and P.Argitis ‘Optical modeling of hybrid polymer solar cells using a transmission line model and comparison with experimental results’ IEEE – JSTQE 16 (6), art. no. 5466225, pp. 1784-1791 (2010)
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  • N.A.Stathopoulos, M.Vasilopoulou, L.C.Palilis, D.G.Georgiadou and P.Argitis “A combined experimental and simulation study on thickness dependence of the emission characteristics in multicolor single layer organic light-emitting diodes” Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 083310 (2008)
  • N.A.Stathopoulos, L.C.Palilis, M.Vasilopoulou, A.Botsialas, P.Falaras and P.Argitis ‘All-organic optocouplers based on polymer light-emitting diodes and photodetectors’ Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 205, No 11, 2522-2525 (2008)
  • N.A.Stathopoulos, S.P.Savaidis, “Gain calculation and propagation characteristics in Erbium-Doped devices with nonlinear host materials” Optics Communications, 281,1, pp80-89, (2008)


Undergraduate Courses

  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Measurement Systems and Sensors
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Microwaves I
  • Optical Communications


Postgraduate Courses

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Safety and Quality (MSc in Internetworked Electronic Systems)
  • Sensors and Micro-nets (BAN,PAN,LAN)  (MSc in Internetworked Electronic Systems)
  • Measurements and Electromagnetic Compatibility in Communication Systems (MSc in Communications and Data Networks)


Curriculum Vitae


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