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 Webpage: http://microsenses.eee.uniwa.gr/

 Office hours: Wednesday 12.00-13.00 & Thursday 14.00-15.00





2010 -  Ph.D. in Automatic Control of Wireless Systems

            Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

            University of Patras, Greece.

 1994 - M.Sc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

             Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,

             University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

1992 - Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering

            (Specialization: Automatic Control)

            Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

            University of Patras, Greece.


Research Interests

  • Automatic control and automation methodologies and systems
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Internet of Things


Representative Publications

  • Papadakis, N., Koukoulas, N., Christakis, I., Stavrakas, I., Kandris, D. An IoT-based participatory antitheft system for public safety enhancement in smart cities. Smart Cities, 2021, 4(2), 919-937.
  • Kandris, D., Alexandridis, A., Dagiuklas, T., Panaousis, E., Vergados, D. D. . Multiobjective optimization algorithms for wireless sensor networks. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2020.
  • Tarnaris, Κ., Preka, Ι., Kandris D., Alexandridis, Α. Coverage and k-Coverage Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Computational Intelligence Methods: A Comparative Study. Electronics, 2020, 9 675.
  • Kandris, D., Nakas, C., Vomvas, D., Koulouras, G., Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks: An Up-to-Date Survey. Applied System Innovation, 2020, 3(1), 14.
  • Nakas, C., Kandris, D., Visvardis, G. Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Comprehensive Survey. Algorithms 2020, 13, 72. 
  • Zantalis, F.; Koulouras, G.; Karabetsos, S.; Kandris, D. “A Review of Machine Learning and IoT in Smart Transportation”, Future Internet, 2019, 11, 94.
  • Dionisis, Kandris, George Tselikis, Eleftherios Anastasiadis, Emmanouil Panaousis, and Tasos Dagiuklas. “COALA: A Protocol for the Avoidance and Alleviation of Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Sensors, p. 2502, Volume 17, Issue 11, 2017.
  • Stefanos A. Nikolidakis, Dionisis Kandris, Dimitrios D. Vergados, Christos Douligeris, “Energy efficient automated control of irrigation in agriculture by using wireless sensor networks”, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 113, April 2015, Pages 154-163.
  • C. Michail, N. Kalyvas, I. Valais, I. Fudos, N. Dimitropoulos, G. Koulouras, D. Kandris, M. Samarakou, I. Kandarakis, “Figure of Image Quality and Information Capacity in Digital Mammography”, BioMed Research International, Article ID 634856, 11 pages, 2014.
    Panagiota Fokianou, Maria Samarakou , Dionisis Kandris, Emmanouil D. Fylladitakis “Star-Delta Switches Evaluation for Use in Grid-Connected Wind Farm Installations,” Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Article ID 893183, 9 pages, 2014.
  • I. Valais, G. Koulouras, G. Fountos, C. Michail, D. Kandris and S. Athinaios, “Design and Construction of a Prototype ECG Simulator,” pp. 11-18, EJST, Volume 9, Issue 3, 2014.
  • Stefanos Theodoropoulos, Dionisis Kandris, Maria Samarakou, and Grigorios Koulouras, “Fuzzy Regulator Design for Wind Turbine Yaw Control”, The Scientific World Journal, Volume 2014, Article ID 516394, 9 pages, 2014.
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  • D. Kandris, M. Tsagkaropoulos, I. Politis, A. Tzes, S. Kotsopoulos, “Energy efficient and perceived QoS aware video routing over Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks”, pp. 591-607, Ad Hoc Networks, Volume 9, Issue 4, 2011.
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  • George Nikolakopoulos, Dionisis Kandris, Anthony Tzes, “Adaptive Compression of Slowly Varying Images Transmitted over Wireless Sensor Networks”, pp.7170-7191, Sensors, Volume 10, 2010.
  • Dionisis Kandris, Dimitrios J. Vergados, Dimitrios D. Vergados, Anthony Tzes, “A Routing Scheme for Congestion Avoidance in Wireless Sensor Networks”, in Proceedings of 6th Annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE 2010), Toronto, Canada, pp. 497-502, August 2010.
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Undergraduate Courses

  • Automatic Control Systems Ι
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Automatic Control Systems ΙI
  • Robotics


Postgraduate Courses

  • Industrial and Intelligent Control
  • Wireless Data and Sensor Networks


Curriculum Vitae


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