Piromalis Dimitrios

Dimitrios Piromalis



Office:  ZA101, Building Z, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

Phone: +30 210 538-1481

Lab: ZB111, Building Z, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

Lab Phone: +30 210 538-1240

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Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dimitrios-Piromalis

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2711-1400   

Office hours: Wednesday  10:00-11:00 και Thursday 10:00-12:00


Discipline: Σχεδιασμός και Βελτιστοποίηση Υλικού και Υλισμικού Ασύρματα Διαδικτυωμένων Ενσωματωμένων Συστημάτων



2017 –Ph.D, Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering Department, Agricultural University of Athens, 2017,
          research area "Embedded Automation Systems and Wireless Sensors Networks in  Agriculture".
          Title of Dissertation "Robustness' Optimization of the Open-Source Hardware Architectures for the Development and Implementation of
          Wireless Sensors Networks Nodes for the Domain of Agriculture".

2004 – Master of Science in Manufacturing: Management and Technology (MS), Center of Complexity of Change (CCC), The Open University, UK, 2004.
           Title of Dissertation "Critical Implementation Factors Influencing the Success or Failure of Using 'Smart Cards' in e-Government in Greece"

1996 – Bachelor in Automation Engineering, Automation Engineering Department, Technological and Educational Institute of Piraeus, 1996, Greece.


Research Interests


Representative Publications

  • [J.1] Charalampos Koulouris, Dimitrios Piromalis, Izzat Al-Darraji, Georgios Tsaramirsis, Mu’azu Jibrin Musa, and Panagiotis Papageorgas.
    A Preliminary Study and Implementing Algorithm Using Finite State Automaton for Remote Identification of Drones
    (2023) Applied Sciences, 13(4), p. 2345, MDPI.
    Scopus Link, MDPI Link, Scholar Link

  • [J.2] Cheimaras Vasileios, Peladarinos Nikolaos, Monios Nikolaos, Daousis Spyridon, Papagiakoumos Spyridon, Papageorgas Panagiotis, Piromalis Dimitrios.
    Emergency Communication System Based on Wireless LPWAN and SD-WAN Technologies: A Hybrid Approach
    (2023) Signals, 4(2), pp. 315-336, MDPI.
    Signals (MDPI) Link, Scholar Link

  • [J.3] Cheimaras Vasileios, Trigkas Athanasios, Papageorgas Panagiotis, Piromalis Dimitrios, Sofianopoulos Emmanouil.
    A Low-Cost Open-Source Architecture for a Digital Signage Emergency Evacuation System for Cruise Ships, Based on IoT and LTE/4G Technologies (2022) Future Internet, 14(12), p. 366, MDPI Scopus Link, MDPI Link, Scholar Link

  • [J.4] Piromalis, D., Kantaros, A. Digital Twins in the Automotive Industry: The Road toward Physical-Digital Convergence (2022) Applied System Innovation, 5 (4), art. no. 65, MDPI. Scopus Link, MDPI Link

  • [J.5] Maraveas, C., Piromalis, D., Arvanitis, K.G., Bartzanas, T., Loukatos, D.
    Applications of IoT for optimized greenhouse environment and resources management (2022) Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 198, art. no. 106993, Elsevier. Scopus Link, Elsevier Link

  • [J.6] Tsaramirsis, G., Kantaros, A., Al-Darraji, I., Piromalis, D., Apostolopoulos, C., Pavlopoulou, A., Alrammal, M., Ismail, Z., Buhari, S.M., Stojmenovic, M., Tamimi, H., Randhawa, P., Patel, A., Khan, F.Q. A Modern Approach towards an Industry 4.0 Model: From Driving Technologies to Management (2022) Journal of Sensors, 2022, art. no. 5023011, .Scopus Link, Hindwai Link

  • [J.7] Peladarinos N., Cheimaras V., Piromalis D., Arvanitis K.G., Papageorgas P., Monios N., Dogas I., Stojmenovic M., Tsaramirsis G.
    Early warning systems for COVID-19 infections based on low-cost indoor air-quality sensors and LPWANs, (2021), MDPI, Sensors (Switzerland), 21 (18), art. no. 6183.  Scopus Link, MDPI Link

  • [J.8] Symeonaki E., Arvanitis K., Piromalis D. A context-aware middleware cloud approach for integrating precision farming facilities into the IoT toward agriculture 4.0, (2020), MDPI, Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 10 (3), art. no. 813. Scopus Link, MDPI Link

  • [J.9] Piromalis D., Arvanitis K. Sensotube: A scalable hardware design architecture for wireless sensors and actuators networks nodes in the agricultural domain, (2016), MDPI, Sensors (Switzerland), 16 (8), art. no. 1227.  Scopus Link

  • [J.10] Kyriakarakos G., Piromalis D.D., Dounis A.I., Arvanitis K.G., Papadakis G. Intelligent demand side energy management system for autonomous polygeneration microgrids, (2013), Applied Energy, 103, pp. 39-51. Scopus Link


Undergraduate Courses


Postgraduate Courses

MSc in "Artificial Intelligence and Deep Leaarning"

  • MSc_AIDL_A03: Hardware Platforms for AI and Python Programming
  • MSc_AIDL_B_AS03: Autonomous Vehicles and Drones


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