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 Office:  ΖΒ101, Building Ζ, Ancient Olive Grove Campus

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 Lab: Electronics and Computer Technologies  Lab (ECTLab), rooms ΖΒ103, ZB 205, Building Ζ, Ancient Olive Grove Campus

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Discipline: Digital Systems, Multifunctional Materials and Modelling



1978 - National Technical College of Spinning, Weaving and Knitting: Diploma in Spinning.

1982- Technological Education Centre of Piraeus: BSc in Electronics.

1991- National Technical University of Athens. School of Electrical and Computers Engineering: Dipl. Engineer in Electrical and Computer Eng. (MSc equiv.).

2005- National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering: Dr. Eng.


Research Interests

Computational Modelling

Multifunctional Materials

Fibrous Materials and Structures

Sensorial Properties

Digital Systems


Representative Publications




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Books and book chapters

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Undergraduate courses

Electric Circuits I, 1st Semester

Electric Circuits II, 2nd Semester

Printing Systems Engineering, 7th Semester – Department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication


Postgraduate courses

Multifunctional Materials and Wearable Systems - MSc by Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of West Attica

Wearable and Affective Computing - Joint MSc programme “Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning”, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Department of Industrial Design and Production, University of West Attica

Industrial Information SystemsErasmus Mundus We-TEAM MSc


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