Christakis Ioannis



Office:  Α002, Building Α, Ancient Olive Grove Campus

Work Office: +30 210 5381595

Lab: Electronic Devices and Materials - EDML

Lab phone: +30 210 5385372

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Office hours: Monday (10.00-14.00), Tuesday (13.00-16.00), Wednesday (10.00-14.00) and Thursday (10.00-13.00)

Discipline: Technologies of electronic systems interconnection


2019: MSc degree in Education: Pedagogy through Innovative Approaches and Technology

2009: Master en Informatique, specialisation ISIC “Informatique et Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication”, Universite de Limoges.

2008: La Maitrise, Mention Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication, specialite Informatique, Universite de Limoges.

2000: BSc degree in Electronic Engineer from the Technological and Educational Institution of Athens

Research Interests

  • Electronic circuits
  • Electrical and electronic measurements technologies
  • Systems and measurements devices
  • Integrated measurement systems

Representative Publications

-I. Christakis, P Syropoulou, N Papadakis, I Stavrakas, On the correction of low-cost NO2, O3 and  PM sensors, Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning & Economics, pp 301-310, Thessaloniki Greece 2021.

- I. Christakis, G. Hloupis, O. Tsakiridis, P. Syropoulou, N. Papadakis, Ilias Stavrakas, Performance comparison of low-cost gas and particles sensors Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning & Economics, pp 332-341, Thessaloniki Greece 2021.

- Papadakis, N.; Koukoulas, N.; Christakis, I.; Stavrakas, I.; Kandris, D. An IoT-Based Participatory Antitheft System for Public Safety Enhancement in Smart Cities. Smart Cities 2021; 4(2): 919-937.

-T. Migos, I. Christakis, K. Moutzouris, I. Stavrakas, On the evaluation of low-cost PM sensors for air quality estimation, , 8th International Conference on Modern Circuits and Systems Technologies (MOCAST), 978-1-7281-1184-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 IEEE.

-A.Kyriazopoulos, I. Christakis, I.Stavrakas. Tsallis entropy modeling of Pressure Stimulated Currents when cement-based materials are subjected to abrupt repetitive bending loadings, Procedia Structural Integrity Volume 10, 2018, Pages 97-103.

-I. Lampros, I. Christakis, D. Triantis and I. Stavrakas, DETERMINING THE IMITATIONS OF 2.3 GHz GPR SCANNING IN DETECTING OBJECTS OF SMALL GEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS, 1st International Conference of the GREEK SOCIETY OF EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS OF MATERIALS Athens, Greece, May 10-12, 2018, pp. 79-80.

-J.Christakis, A. Logothetis, A. Proimadis, Th. P. Chinis 5th International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in HealthMedical “Problem detection using digital signal processing” , Jul 2007, Samos, Greece.

-M. Papalabrou, I. K. Almaliotis, I. Diakakis, A. Proimadis, I. Christakis, IWSSIP 2005 12thInternational Workshop on Systems, Signal & Image Processing “Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Secure University Campus Networks”, Sep 2005, Chalkida, Greece.

-“Secure University Campus Networks using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)”M. K. Papalabrou, I. K. Almaliotis, I. Diakakis, A. K. Proimadis, I. Christakis–(IEEE) SSIP-SP1, 2005 pp.227 –231

-“Noise Canceling in Audio Signal with Adaptive Filter”John Christakis, Logothesis Antonis, Mpalolakis Antonis, Boulgaris Konstantinos, Chinis Theodore P.,Gogornas Ioannis,WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on ACOUSTICS and MUSIC Issue 4, Volume 1,October 2004 ISSN 1109-9577page183

-“Access Authentication with Smart Card over the Internet: A Case Study in E-commerce” Antonis Proimadis, John Christakis, Antonis Logothetis, Athanasios Vappas, Michael Papalabrou WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on INFORMATION SCIENCE and APPLICATIONS Issue 5, Volume 1, November 2004 ISSN 1790-0832 page 1400

Undergraduate Courses

  • Analogue Electronics I (Lab)
  • Analogue Electronics II (Lab)

Postgraduate Courses

Curriculum Vitae


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