Villiotis Iraklis



Office : B114b, Building B, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

Office number: +30 210 538-1585

Lab: Building and Industrial Energy Systems Lab

    • B118, Building B, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus
    • B124, Building B, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

Lab Phone: +30 210 5385-1284

Fax: + 30 210 538-1585

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Office hours: Monday 11:00 13:00 and Wednesday 9:00 - 11:00

Discipline: Motor Drive Control - Power Electronics



2003 - MSc National Technical University of Athens

1992 - BSc in Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Technical Scholl, S.E.L.E.T.E.

1982 - BSc in Electrical Engineering, Gh. Asachi Technial University of Romania


Research interests


Representative Publications

  • Gh. Baluta, Ir. Villiotis, N. Papahatzis, M. Albu.  “Aspects regarding stepper motors control improvement” , Proceedings of the Second National Conference of Electromechanicals Systems – SIELMEC’99, ISBN 9975-944-30-2, Vol. 1, p.p 149-152, Chisinau 1999.
  • Gh. Baluta, N. Papahatzis, Ir. Villiotis, “The command with specialized integrated circuit of the low power D.C. Adjustable drives”  Journal I.P. Iasi, Tomul XLV (IL), Fasc.5B, pp. 33-36, ISSN 0258-9109, 1999.
  • Gh. Baluta, M. Diaconescu, Ir. Villiotis,  N. Papahatzis, “Some considerations concerning the homopolar protection” Journal I.P. Iasi, Tomul XLV (IL) Fasc. 5B, pp. 120-125, ISSN 0258-9109, 1999.
  • Gh. Baluta, Simona Caba, N. Papahatzis, Ir. Villiotis  “Device for the D.C.- D.C. converters PWM command ” Journal I.P.Iasi,  Tomul XLVI(L), Fasc.5, p.p. 309-316, Journal,  ISSN 0258-9109, Romania ,2000. 
  • Ir. Villiotis, N. Papahatzis, “A detailed steady-state simulation analysis of squirrel cage induction motor”  Journal I.P.Iasi,  Tomul XLVI(L), Fasc.5, p.p. 224-229,  ISSN 0258-9109, Romania , 2000.
  • Gh. Baluta, Ir. Villiotis, N. Papahatzis,  “ Frequency-to-Voltage converter ”  5th Int. Conf. on Development and Application systems. DAS 2000, 18-20 May 2000, pp 86-89, ISBN 973-8122-11-2,  Suceava, Romania.
  • Gh. Baluta, Ir. Villiotis, N. Papahatzis,  “ Four-quadrant chopper with bipolar transistors ”  Applied research review. Journal of the Tehnological Education Institute of  Piraeus, ISSN-1106-4110 , pp. 149-159.
  • D. Selisteanu, D. Popescu, Ir. Villiotis, C. Ionete, “Adaptive control strategies for a robot arm” Annals of the University of Craiova, Nr. 24, 2000, pp 187-195 ISSN 1223-530X.
  • Petros Vernados and Iraklis Viliotis, A novel Nodal Analysis VCS – A practical Example”, Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volume 6 (13), Number 2 (26), 2006, pp. 13-16.
  • G.Ch. Ioannidis, S.D. Kaminaris, C.S. Psomopoulos, S.Tsiolis, P.Pachos, I.Villiotis, P. Malatestas, "DC Motor Drive Applying Conventional and Fuzzy Based PI Control Techniques", submitted for reviewing and possible publication in Journal of Applied Research Review, Special Issue VOL XV, October 2015
  • Gh. Baluta, M. Diaconescu, Ir. Villiotis, N. Papahatzis “Active current control of electrical drive Systems”, 3rd Int. Symp. On advanced Electromechanical Motion Systems, ELECTROMOTION ’99, July 8-9,1999, Patras, Greece, paper No PECC02, pp 233-236.
  • G.Ch.Ioannidis, C.S.Psomopoulos, S.D.Kaminaris, P.Pachos, H.Villiotis, S.Tsiolis, P.Malatestas, G.A.Vokas and S.N. Manias, “AC-DC & DC-DC Converters for DC Motor Drives: Review of basic topologies”, presented in the International conference on Electronics and Communication Systems 2013 (ECS 2013), pp.96-103, 16-19 July 2013, Rhodes, Greece..
  • Psomopoulos, G.Ch. Ioannidis, S.D. Kaminaris, G.A.Vokas, S.Tsiolis and I. Villiotis, “Power Quality Measurements in the Hellenic Urban Rail Transport SA: Methodology & Results”, presented in the 8th International Scientific Conference (eRA-8), Archimedes I session, pp.9-20, 23 – 25 September 2013, Egaleo, Greece
  • Kaminaris, G.Ch. Ioannidis, S. Tsiolis, C.S. Psomopoulos, P. Pachos, I. Villiotis, P. Malatestas, "Fuzzy Based PI Controller for DC Motor Drive", presented in the 10th International Scientific Conference (eRA-9), Archimedes Session, 23-25 September 2015, Egaleo, Greece.


Undergraduate Courses

  • Electric Machines I (Lab) - 7th Semester
  • Electric Machines II (Lab) - 8th Semester
  • Electric Drives (Lab) - 9th Semester


Postgraduate Courses


Curriculum Vitae


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