Angeli Chrissanthi



Office:  B128, Building B, Αncient Οlive-grove Campus

Work Phone: +30 210-5381449


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1999 - PhD in Intelligent Fault Detection Techniques, University of Sussex, U.K.
1993 - MSc in Intelligent Systems,University of Plymouth, U.K.


Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent Systems (Real-time and Advanced Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks)

  • Fault Diagnosis, Fault Prediction, on-line Fault Compensation using Artificial Intelligence Techniques 

  • Knowledge Engineering

  • Modelling and Simulation

  • Combination of numerical and symbolic features


Representative Publications

  • Angeli C., and D.P Atherton. (2001), A model based method for an on-line diagnostic knowledge-based system, Expert Systems Vol. 18, Nr. 3, pp. 150-158.
  • Chatzinikolaou A. and C. Angeli (2002), Modelling for an Expert System and a Parameter Validation Method, Expert Systems, Vol. 19, Nr. 5, pp. 284-293.
  • Angeli C. and A. Chatzinikolaou (2004), On-Line Fault Detection Techniques for Technical Systems: A Survey. International Journal of Computer Science & Applications, Vol. 1, Νο. 1, pp. 12-30.
  • Angeli C. and A. Chatzinikolaou (2005), Troubleshooting in Hydraulic Systems using knowledge-based Methods, International Journal of Engineering Simulation , Vol. 6, Nr.1, pp. 24-29.
  • Angeli C. (2008), On-line Expert Systems for Fault Diagnosis in Technical Processes. Expert Systems, Vol. 25, Νο2, pp. 115-132.
  • Angeli C. and A. Chatzinikolaou (2008), On-line fault detection and Compensation of Hydraulic Drive Machines using Modelling Techniques, Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics JACIII , Vol.12. Nr.2, pp. 111-116.
  • Angeli C. and A. Chatzinikolaou (2008), Modelling for Fault Detection Systems Using Manufacturer’s Data, Journal of Hybrid Computing Research, Vol. 1. Nr.1, January-June 2008, pp. 1-7.
  • Angeli C. and A. Chatzinikolaou (2009), Knowledge Management for the diagnostic problem solving process, Journal of Hybrid Computing Research, Vol. 2. Nr.2, July-December 2009, pp. 1-6.
  • Angeli C. and A. Chatzinikolaou (2012), Modelling for real-time fault detection systems using technical specifications data sheets, International Journal of Computational Intelligence & Telecommunication Systems, Vol. 3. Nr.1, January-June 2012, pp. 1-7.
  • Angeli C., and A. Chatzinikolaou (2015), An Experimental Parameter Validation Approach, International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Sciences-IJMCS, Volume 2, issue 1 . pp. 35-39.
  • Chatzinikolaou A. and C. Angeli, (2017), Implementation of Fault Diagnosis in a Dynamic Process, International Journal of Advantages in Computer Science and its Applications -IJMCS, Volume 7, issue 1 . pp. 38-43.
  • Angeli C., and A. Chatzinikolaou (2019), Actuator Fault Tolerance Evaluation and Model-Based Fault Detection, ICSTEM 2019, 18-19 May, 2019, London, U.K
  • Jirapun Pongfai, C. Angeli, Peng Shi, Xiaojje Su and Wudhichai Assawinchaichote (2020), Optimal PID Controller Autotuning Design for MIMO Nonlinear Systems Based on the Adaptive SLP Algorithm, International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, Vol. 19, No 1, pp. 392-403. 
  • George Galanos and C. Angeli (2021) “Web-based Expert System for Fault Diagnosis in Computer Networks”, 19th Industrial Simulation Conference ISC (2021), 1-3 June, Valletta, MALTA
  • K. Papatheodosiou and C. Angeli Angeli (2021) Designing an emergency Information System for Catastrophic Natural Situations, The 35th European Simulation and Modelling Conference ESM (2021), October 27-29, Rome, ITALY


Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Programming

  • Object-oriented Programming


Postgraduate Courses

  • Knowledge Engineering – (MSc by Research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


Curriculum Vitae


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