Abstract of doctoral thesis Panagiotis Papadimitriou

One of the main goals of the European Union (EU), in order to reduce CO2 emissions as well as the generally adverse effects of climate change, is the large penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) alongside the appropriate integration of energy storage systems in order not to disrupt the electricity grid (either transmission or distribution). The aim of the proposed research is to find the appropriate energy portfolio for each area of interest, which may include RES, the appropriate storage systems, the green hydrogen production system, as well as a fleet of electric vehicles with all these technologies integrated within the framework of the smart grid. Finding and managing the optimal energy portfolio per region based on operating costs and finding the minimum selling price of the generated electricity within the energy market (target model) - using optimization techniques, artificial intelligence methods and appropriate technology modeling - is one of the key issues, in order to achieve the EU's goals to a significant extent and to distribute the benefits to both energy producers and active consumers (prosumers).