Abstract of doctoral thesis Metaxa Sophia

Composite materials have maintained their rapid growth for many decades and have found numerous applications as structural components in the aviation, aerospace, marine, construction, transportation, and energy sectors.

 It is extremely important to detect variations in the response of a structure (potential failures) made of composite materials, so that the problem can be remedied in time, in order to avoid catastrophic consequences that would result from a generalized failure.

Renewable energy has developed rapidly around the world. However, as more and more critical energy infrastructure is built worldwide, the number of accidents is increasing. This PhD approaches the optimization of management of such nature of structures through the development of an integrated intelligent system of failure detection and its quality assurance.

The development of the technology as proposed is based on a series of explicitly defined objectives. In addition to harmonizing with standards, devices and processes will be optimized in order to achieve the goals of the new generation of clean energy production, achieving cost reduction through a reduction in the number of required controls and of course providing higher levels of safety.