Abstract of doctoral thesis Karnavas De La Krouz

The objective of the Doctoral Thesis is the design and development of an electronic device, which will be fabricated using Printing Technology (ink-jet, screen printing) on ​​flexible substrates, and should present a series of characteristics (such as having high electrical conductivity, to be light, to be transparent, to have no structural defects, to be resistant to high temperatures, etc.). The device will be implemented using innovative materials, such as graphene, graphene oxide, polymeric materials with nanoparticles, etc. Electrical and physical properties will be studied, which can be exploited for the development of innovative temperature, humidity, strain sensors, etc. The main goal is the development of an integrated flexible intelligent printed system, which will consist of the basic sensing element along with the control and readout electronics, as well as the user interface environment. All individual elements will be developed specifically for the needs of the mentioned system within the framework of the thesis. The final printed system will be extensively characterized and evaluated in selected modern applications.