Abstract of doctoral thesis Kaltsidou Kiriaki

The energy sources (coal, oil, nuclear energy and natural gas) have adverse effects on the environment, as they release significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and exacerbate the greenhouse effect. In order to reduce global and domestic consumption of reserves in fossil fuels, with the consequent reduction in emissions, there is a need to strengthen overall utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.

This doctoral thesis will focus on sustainable design with an emphasis on the stages of the product life cycle, including the acquisition of a supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, transportation and distribution, installation and maintenance, use and end of the life cycle.

Initially, a bibliographic overview of the existing methods which is focused on the circular economy for the purpose of the green footprint will be made. Then, various methods will be presented which will focus on the utilization of Renewable Energy sources with the ultimate goal of improving the green footprint.