Abstract of doctoral thesis Fotopoulou Maria

The purpose of this doctoral thesis is to re-approach the operation of distribution networks and the optimal management of energy in the light of the modern energy transition and the energy crisis, taking into account distributed production (either energy production from fossil fuels, e.g. diesel generators, or production from RES), storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations. The proposed optimization concerns four main axes:

  1. The daily dispatch of the network
  2. Control (model predictive control)
  3. The management of emergencies, such as partial disconnection of production, islanding and total blackout of the system
  4. The financial viability of the relevant investments.

In contrast to existing methodologies, which focus on minimizing costs for the network operator, this proposal focuses on maximizing the autonomy of the network, with an emphasis on its energy footprint. It also aims to implement a platform that will integrate the above functions to provide a unified approach with easy access to network administrators. It aims to evaluate the operation through the determination and calculation of relevant indicators. Finally, based on the cost of operation, losses, as well as the cost of construction/conversion/expansion of the electricity distribution network, the economic viability of the relevant investment is evaluated and the size of the potential investment is determined.