Abstract of doctoral thesis - Konstantinos Papatheodosiou

"Development of an Emergency Information System based on the Digital Radio Technology for the Public Protection Services"


The target of this research is the development of a wide range of diagnostic activities for complicated emergency situations using Artificial Intelligence techniques that should be able to cover almost every aspect of the diagnostic activity, as in-time detection, prediction and compensation of the problem causes for the cases where it is possible. The development of such a system requires a highly interactive development environment that should be able to permit the combination of symbolic representations with arithmetic information in an effective way.

The mathematical model should be able to perform comparisons and diagnostic decisions based on dynamically changing situations.

The development environment for the effective interaction of the various kinds of knowledge sources will be developed using a suitable combination of development environments and programs.

The development of an intelligent information system to provide suitable information to the civilians in emergency situations as well as the management of the emergency situations based on the analysis of suitable variables and information using the capabilities of the intelligent technology is the basic target of this research.