Abstract of doctoral thesis - Monios Nikolaos

"A robust Internet of Autonomous Vehicles platform for unmanned ground/air/marine vehicles using distributed ledger technologies for data validation"


The purpose of this dissertation is the implementation of a multi-protocol, hardware agnostic (x86, ARM, PowerPC etc.) and immune to cyber-attacks platform based on microservices, that will be used for the communication, control, data validation and cooperation planning by unmanned ground, aerial, and marine vehicles. This platform will expand the Internet of Things (IoT) notion into the Internet of Autonomous Vehicles, hence it will allow the interaction between users and autonomous vehicles, as well as between the autonomous vehicles themselves, using web/ cloud/ smartphone applications that have access to the internet. The ultimate goal of this platform is to enable autonomous-vehicles-as-a-service; A multi-protocol end-to-end platform that will manage the communication and controls of the autonomous vehicles during the operations that have been requested by the user, with cloud data analytics and edge machine learning functionalities