Abstract of doctoral thesis - Fotopoulou Eleni

"Socio-emotional information analysis, towards the improvement of emotional competences and social cohesion of a group, through targeted interventions"

The proposed doctoral dissertation aims to develop an intelligent computational model with artificial emotional intelligence, able to suggest interventions for the improvement of social and emotional capabilities of persons and groups with direct impact at: (a) empowering social characteristics such as cohesion and collaboration, (b) the improvement of productivity in workspaces and (c) the cultivation of emotional skills at individual and group level. The proposed solution stems from the convergence of the research fields of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and the field of Affective Computing/Artificial Emotional Intelligence, deploying emerging technologies of (a) Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and Image Processing, (b) Graph Theory, (c) Reinforcement Learning and (d) Fair, Accountable and Transparent Machine Learning.