Abstract of doctoral thesis - Fani Papoutsi

"Affective Computing and the use of Pedagogical Agents in E-learning"


E-learning technologies, recognized today as a valuable tool to support both instructors and learners, have developed into a learner-centered, dynamic and personalized process. In comparison to face-to-face instruction in class, however, e-learning is still considered impersonal and deficient in terms of communicating the emotional of affective state of the learner, due to the human-computer interaction limitations posed by contemporary technology. Affective computing (AC) aims to enhance human-like aspects in e-learning, by analyzing, recognizing and interpreting the affective state of human learners. AC is realized through systems that register human reactions in real time, while the learner interacts with the digital learning platform and content. In this framework, the present thesis aims to investigate the following:

Development of an automated, integrated educational model that incorporates the pedagogical agent functionalities to keep learned engaged and active in the learning process, and to ensure his/her feeling of satisfaction from the overall e-learning experience upon completion of it.