Abstract of doctoral thesis - Dimitrios Kalivas

"Development of a secure and versatile Gateway platform Architecture for operation and management of Distributed Cyber-physical sensor Networks for Electricity trading"


Cyber-physical systems, based on cetralized architectures, become increasingly difficult to monitor and manage. Large scale platforms are usually built, purposed to handle significant amounts of data originated from IoT devices and services.

The anticipated future transformation of consumers to prosumers (produce and/or consume) along with the existing electrical power grid's inability to meet modern day requirements, is constantly creating new challenges, regarding fundamental objectives of the Internet of Energy (IoE) such as an optimized matching of Energy production and consumption.

In this thesis the design of a Home Area Network (HAN) gateway platform architecture, utilizing necessary IoT and wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies for metering, electric grid quality, and energy trading, in real-time conditions, will be investigated, with respect on security and scalability, based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) which can result in increased system efficiency and cost monitoring improvement.