Abstract of doctoral thesis - Ioannis Dogas

"Critical infrastructure Disaster resilience communication platform for wireless sensor Network management using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based Versatile and Robust Gateway"


Typical Wireless Sensor Network nodes have restrictions of power and computation resources so they cooperatively transmit their such data to a local node - gateway where they are aggregated, processed and forwarded using various communication networking technologies. An Internet of Things gateway is also a single point of failure for the local WSN network, as it not only acts as the link between the WSN and the Internet. An Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) based gateway that supports all major connectivity technologies can be used to adequately replace disabled land-based gateway infrastructure in remote locations. This implementation requires the evaluation of the available technologies, protocols, hardware options and reference architectures concerning UAVs and WSNs, followed by model-based simulations to meet the target requirements and optimize the system. Following the simulations, the development of the proposed UAV-Gateway platform will be carried out.