Abstract of doctoral thesis - Vasilios Orfanos

"Architecture development to integrate intelligent entities of heterogeneous networks into smart buildings"


The aim of this dissertation is to create a model that will record all smart devices and sensors in a common register in which they will all be registered and addressed, with the aim of creating a unified platform of audience and parallel control regardless of communication protocols. Additional Artificial Intelligence techniques will be used to achieve customized conditions.

The operation of intelligent building facilities and smart home is now a reality. Industrial or residential buildings include sensors and automations that carry information or interaction commands through various implementation methods and models.

There are many standards that have been created for smart building facilities. Their differentiation concerns the method of implementation both in the equipment used and in the networking and information transmission protocol between the management system and the various sensors and control systems.

Since each architecture uses its own communication and control platform for different peripherals in the smart building network, creating a single platform that can gather, record and manage all these individual systems is a challenge. This platform will make communication and control more direct between the manager and the terminals without the need to customize each platform separately.