Abstract of doctoral thesis - Nikolaos Venetas

"Contribution to intelligent energy management of buildings using smart control techniques and innovative web technologies"

The need for energy management in buildings and industries is a top priority with obvious economic and environmental benefits.

Incorporating smart control techniques into the building and industry subsystems can bring about a significant amount of energy savings, substituting the human initiative, accounting for human behavior and external conditions, while contributing to high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The aim of this dissertation is to develop a new architectural structure and the corresponding model, aiming at the creation of a single platform, using intelligent control techniques and artificial intelligence at the level of processing, IoT technologies at the level of communication to optimize the achievement customized conditions as well as innovative web technologies for intelligent management.

The proposed Intelligent / Intelligent Building Facilities approach will meet the requirements of the decision-maker and aim to support in practice the promotion of energy-saving facilities.