Abstract of doctoral thesis - Efstathios Kiriakis

Development of decision-making models for integrated waste management, maximizing material and energy recovery, towards a zero-waste economy

The aim of this dissertation is the development of decision-making models to support integrated waste management within the framework of circular economy, targeting to the zero – carbon waste economy for achieving sustainable development. The main object is the development of a decision-making tool resulting to the most appropriate way of managing the waste generated, leading to the maximization of energy and materials recovery, and minimization of waste volumes sent to landfills, aiming at their elimination, according to the recent European directives. As a result, the maximization of conversion of waste generated into useful and exploitable products or resources (e.g. metals, energy) with corresponding positive environmental, energy and social impacts would be achieved. The proposed tool aims in providing both qualitative and quantitative results for the optimal selection of methodological and economic model, so that the goal of zero waste and maximum resource recovery with the least possible carbon footprint and maximum environmental - energy benefits would be possible.