Abstract of doctoral thesis - Charalampos Karavasilis

"Flexible microfluidic devices in portable embedded systems using printing technologies for Biomedical Applications"

This PhD dissertation will focus on the development of microfluidic devices for use in biomedical applications. In particular, microchannel and microwave valves will be developed to control the flow of biological fluids. At the same time, specially designed electrodes will be developed to provide the possibility of electrochemical measurements. In this way, bio-analysis can be performed by voltammetric or ponticometric measurements. The relevant signals will be transferred to a specially designed electronic circuit for processing and decision making. The proposed approach will use printing technologies, mainly for the production of electrodes. The possibility of integrating electrodes through Inkjet or screen-printing technologies will be considered to make the final layout possible on flexible substrates. In the thesis we will examine the filling of microcannels with fluids of various physical parameters (thermal conductivity, viscosity etc.) so that we can lead to precise engineering of the mechanical and electrical parameters of both the microchannels and the final prototype.