Abstract of doctoral thesis - Iraklis Rigakis

"Automatic monitoring of biodiversity using wireless networks and optical / audiovisual sensors"

Τhe subject of the PhD is multidisciplinary and belongs to the area of low-power electronics, wireless communications and IoT. It is the automatic monitoring of biodiversity by designing sensors and recorders and generally embedded systems that transmit their records to a server. The biodiversity we are dealing with is insects, birds, mammals. Such systems have a number of critical parameters to be explored, for example. How to operate autonomously autonomously over long periods of time by addressing the difficulties of the physical space. How to integrate into the emerging field of IoT etc For example, we only mention the possibility of modifying typical, low-cost plastic traps for many insect species with the necessary optoelectronic sensors to monitor their entry into and detect them. The information we record is time-stamping, temperature, humidity, GPS coordinates and, in relevant cases, we identify the species of the incoming insect by wingbeat.