Abstract of doctoral thesis - Alexios Kosmidis

"Design and Implementation of an innovative motor drive system for electric vehicle application"


In the proposed PhD thesis, the control system of an innovative electric vehicle model will be implemented by integrating brushless DC motors (BLDC) into each wheel (hub motors). The steering system will be electrically controlled, transferring the command from the steering wheel to the four servomotors which in turn will be able to rotate the four-wheel steering (steer-by-wire and 4WS technology). Brake-by-wire control will also be electrically powered and regenerative braking will be used to recharge part of the Li-ion batteries which will be used as well as control of the wheel disengagement system (ABS). Furthermore, Battery Management System (BMS) will also be implemented in order to balance the voltage of each battery cell and monitor the charging, discharging, and temperature of the battery bank. Finally, the overall control system will be designed so that it can integrate existing vehicle technologies through CAN-BUS (Controller Area Network) and LIN-BUS (Local Interconnect Network).