Abstract of doctoral thesis - Nikolaos Soultanos

"Εlectromechanical study of synchronous generator with the help of finite element analysis"


The aim of the thesis is to study and analyze the operation of three phase synchronous generators with salient poles at startup, and electromechanical advancement of a system of two degrees of freedom (turbinegenerator) which is oscillated. The thesis will be structured in five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the literature review where there is a general description of the basics of electric energy and the principles regarding the construction and operation of synchronous machines and in particular three-phase synchronous machines with salient poles. In chapter 2, a comprehensive analysis of oscillating systems is made of one and two degrees of freedom. A comparison is then made between linear and rotary motion. Chapter 3 will be prezent the main steps followed during the design stage of the model and it includes images of the main parts of the generator and the control windows of the software Opera-2d. In Chapter 4 we make a reference to the PI-controller which was used to control the speed of the generator. Then we give the parameters of analysis. In Chapter 5  the presentation of the simulation results during the startup of the synchronous generator until the steady state.