Abstract of doctoral thesis - Christos Petaroudis

“Development of Advanced Transition Metal oxides for Nanoelectronics Devices”


The proposed proposal aims , through the oxidization of transition metals, to develop innovative photon hybrids with increased performance using modern nanotechnology technologies for applications in modern optoelectronics and computational systems.

The need for research in this field is now high internationally. The nanotechnology sector can contribute to the production of new knowledge and then innovative products that will improve both the country's competitiveness in areas of great technological interest and the daily lives of citizens. The expected results will contribute to the development of know-how and possibly new technologies.

Finally, the promotion of high-level human resources for research in the field of nanotechnology in Greece, in a branch already known to grow internationally and expected to create many jobs in the next decade, is an investment in the future and new technologies and is greatly enhanced by the implementation of such an act.

In order to implement the proposed proposal, there will be a collaboration between the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Western Attica with a team of the Microelectronics Institute of NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" and with other AEIs (higher scientific institutions) and research centers such as the University of Patras. The topics studied include: Experimental study of nanocomponents for microelectronic devices, optoelectronic devices and their applications in new generation nanoscience’s.

The results of the research from this proposal will be used after a thorough evaluation, for further exploration of transition metal oxides, hybrid nano devices with nano-circuit applications and hybrid opto-nanosystems.