Abstract of doctoral thesis – Katsara Vassiliki

The PhD thesis research field concerns the design and construction of High Power Microwave Devices for the generation of high amplitude electromagnetic waveforms. Among the various High Power Microwave (HPM) techniques, the PhD thesis project focus on Microwave Pulse Compression (MPC) devices and in particular on the use of waveguide microwave cavities for energy storage and its subsequent rapid extraction. In this context, theoretical and experimental studies of waveguide cavity geometrical variations will be contacted aiming to compression performance optimization. The theoretical study and design of the MPC devices will be supported by the development of equivalent circuit models based on transmission line theory. The experimental studies and the development of laboratory prototype devices will be implemented using the infrastructure available at the Wireless-Optical Devices and Communication Networks research laboratory. Finally, a research extension of the aforementioned studies is the investigation of the use of compressed pulses as waveforms for causing intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) in electronic devices.