Abstract of doctoral thesis – Orfanos Pepainas Stamatios

The proposed PhD research is dealing with the design of a port Cold Ironing system using optimization methods from the perspective of the port construction and operation, considering the possibility of existence of RES as well as Energy Storage systems, as battery banks, hydropower pumped storage systems, etc. The research will be focused on:

(a) recording of the basic design principles and techno-economical evaluation of power generation and distribution systems,

(b) development of basic design and technology principles of cold Ironing systems (ships and ports power systems),

(c) Evaluation of port traffic data - ship energy demand curves; energy storage systems of different durations, including the power flow solution of the distribution network,

e) investigation of critical parameters through sensitivity analysis or other optimization techniques,

(f) investigation of port particulars in an interconnected system or in autonomous, hybrid or non-hybrid power systems.