Abstract of doctoral thesis – Velakis Vasilios

The proposed research aims to study the wider field of Applied Cryptography on the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of the near future will be composed of various interconnected devices, which will expand the boundaries of our known physical world with virtual entities. Already, the field of Applied Cryptography is playing an extremely important role nowadays, as secure communication between people, virtual entities and ΙοΤ devices is becoming more necessary than ever, as the use of these technologies is increasing dramatically. It is certain that in the near future, the demand for digital communication services of these entities will increase, through the new intelligent environments that are constantly being created (e.g. smart cities, smart grids, smart vehicles, etc.). Therefore, the evolution of existing algorithms, protocols, procedures and techniques is crucial, as is of course the development of new methods in ΠΑ.Δ.Α. - ΑΡ.ΠΡΩΤ: 45524 - 10/05/2022 Αιγάλεω

communications security systems. The main objective of the proposed research is the study of new techniques, based on advanced mathematical models, adapted to operate effectively in modern embedded systems, in order to enhance information security, and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of these systems, lowest possible cost.