Abstract of doctoral thesis – Vissarion Siafis

Recommendation or Recommender Systems (RS) are recently obtaining an important role among the various new opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technologies to Education and the educational society in general. This doctoral thesis will first explore the state-of-the-art in RS as they are implemented and exploited in education and specifically in e-learning. The needs of all involved educational parties that a RS software is intended to cover are going to be identified, categorized and analyzed. The aim is to spot the gaps, missing functionalities or limitations in existing RS solutions, as a guide to the proposal and design of an innovative RS. The final stage is the design and implementation of an innovative RS to support teachers/instructors in decision making with respect to the management and delivery of e-learning or hybrid (blended) study programs, course modules or other education activities. A pilot application is planned within the current Department of UNIWA, followed by parameter trimming, wider application, evaluation and publication of the results.