Abstract of doctoral thesis - Aristidis Repoulias

This dissertation focuses on the study of triboelectric generators and especially those built with textiles. Energy harvesting is of particular concern to the research community. The introduction of triboelectric generators serves precisely the need for advanced forms of power supply of portable electronic devices. Recently, textile generators have also begun to contribute to the research on triboelectric generators, thanks to their large contact surfaces, the possibility for their continuous activation, the comfort and aesthetics they can provide to the user, etc. The main objectives of this work focus on the relationship of triboelectricity to the structural characteristics of woven textile structures such as the degree of overlap, the type of material, the fineness, the roughness of the surfaces, etc. Through the design and construction of a laboratory prototype for testing triboelectric generator devices that will allow high accuracy of measurements, the collection of suitable samples of textile structures, their complete analysis and the conducting of experiments, this doctoral dissertation aims to promote the knowledge of the relation between woven structures and energy harvesting through triboelectricity.