Abstract of doctoral thesis - Dimitrios Rountos

Development of Control Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks


A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of wirelessly interconnected sensor nodes that have the ability to record the variation of physical variables, process relevant data, and communicate with each other and / or other networks. Although the original impetus for the development of wireless networks with sensors was their use in military applications, nowadays WSNs are used in a growing range of applications ranging from home automation to industry, agriculture, livestock and health, and are considered as one of the leading technologies of the 21st century.

Nevertheless, problems that are either inherent in network communications in general or in wireless communications in particular, or other difficulties related to the heterogeneity or mobility of the nodes, the large scaling of their use or their technical characteristics, put the development of WSNs in front of a number of important scientific and technological challenges.

For example, WSN nodes are subject to strict energy restrictions as they are usually powered by batteries that are usually difficult and / or impossible to replace. For this reason, energy saving is a fundamental pursuit in the design of WSNs and especially in their communication. Also, in order for a WSN to be operational, it is imperative to maintain connectivity between its nodes. Maximizing coverage is just as important when designing a WSN. Likewise, the rational management of the communication load is very important for a WSN to remain operational. Ensuring information and achieving high quality services is also necessary. ,

 The aim of the proposed research in the framework of this doctoral dissertation is to develop control schemes aimed at improving the dynamic behavior of wireless sensor networks. Schemes of this kind aim, individually or in combination, in actions such as energy saving, connectivity, maximizing coverage, avoiding and controlling congestion, and / or maximizing Quality of Service.