Abstract of doctoral thesis - Georgios Kormpos

Security mechanisms against social engineering attacks targeting sensitive personal data

The rapid evolution of technology, including both the internet and the advanced digital systems that are used on a daily basis in order to simplify our daily lives, have contributed to the creation of new social networking platforms and many online services, which can be used as sources of mass information for malicious purposes. Due to the easy access to the internet through our personal/mobile devices, but also naivety from the side of many users, personal data, personal conversations, preferences and the places people frequent, may already have been stored in a database that third parties have access to. In order to protect a large proportion of internet users, the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been drafted to protect the user by placing high fines on third parties who will gain access to users' personal data through unethical practices. But that is part of the problem, because in reality, our personal data is made public trough our actions. The aim of this Thesis is to study autonomous systems, interbank and economic systems, urban systems and social networks with a view to highlighting, propose, design and create, tools that can help address this problem.