Abstract of doctoral thesis - Alexandros Donas

Development of new simulation techniques based on computational intelligence and statistical modeling tools with applications to environmental simulation system


This PhD thesis will focus on the development of new simulation methodologies and their optimization through computational intelligence techniques and statistical methods, aiming that way to improving the final predictions of simulation models.

More specifically, in the first stage of the thesis a detailed review of the literature will take place, recording the techniques which are available today and highlighting the difficulties as well as the weak points they display. Particular emphasis will be shown in two directions: computational intelligence techniques and those of statistical modeling.

Moving forward to the second section, we will try to develop and implement of new numerical and statistical simulation techniques using combinatorial modern and at the same time innovative tools of mathematical modeling and computational intelligence. Then, moving on to the next section of the work and utilizing the aforementioned techniques, will attempt to apply them to simulation models of environmental parameters, aiming at the increased accuracy of the final results. Particular emphasis will be placed on the verification of results using stress, sea wave and other environmental processes.

Finally, In the last stage of the thesis and as an application of the techniques which developed, an attempt will be made to optimize a model of simulation of the movement of objects at sea, with important applications in a wide range of activities, using new techniques developed based on simulation techniques and computational intelligence tools.